To whom it may concern,

I would like to make it very clear that Mr. Stephenson and his wire and phones company has been by far the best and most accurate phone company we have worked with, let alone just the billing aspect, Mr. Stephenson is always available to speak with regarding a problem.  It’s nothing short of a call from my cell to fix any problem.. should we even have one.  All phone companies have bugs to work on, but it never seems to be the problem here.  We couldn’t be happier with the experience and service we have had with Mr. Stephenson and his company.  We hope to continue a long and healthy relationship.


Kimberly Mitchell

Legal Assistant to: The Defense Group

Dear Mike,
Thank you for providing us and our clients with outstanding cable services. You always exceeded our expectations and we are proud to have you as a business partner.

You’re employees are always fast, friendly and knowledgeable. Simply put Wires and Phones is the absolute best cable service provider anywhere in Orlando and Central Florida.

Again, thank you for the superior work.

Chris Ondo
Central Florida Computer Engineering

Just a note of gratitude for doing a fantastic job on installing our wiring, telephone system, and network at our new facility. You and your team are very thorough and did everything we requested from the start.  We would be glad to recommend Wires and Phones to any of our corporate customers, partners and business associates. Keep up the great work!

Jeffrey P. Bosworth
310 West Central Parkway #7000 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Appreciation and thanks go to Mike Stephenson and his employees of Hotline Communications for installing our new phone system in our office. Change can be difficult; however, Mike made the transformation from the old system to the new one a smooth transition.  He took the time to explain to myself and others in the office any questions we might have in great detail. He was patient and made us feel we could call him at any time with a problem or question. Our company would recommend Hotline Communication to do your phone system.

Donna Shirtcliffe
Florida Homes & Properties       

To Whom It May Concern:

DeQuattro Enterprises Inc. has on, many occasions over a 5 year period, used the services of Hotline Communications and specifically Mr. Mike Stephenson for various projects ranging from replacing inter-office phone and data transmission lines to wiring our entire operation of a 50 computer, server based network and automatic dialing system upon moving into our new office back in September of 2005. His knowledge of phone systems and computer networking has been instrumental in the continuing operation of my business. I have on occasion needed emergency repairs done at a moments notice and Mike has always been there to bail me out of any sticky situation with as little corporate downtime as possible. I will be happy to recommend his service to anyone who needs it and will continue to call him as my business continues to expand.

Michael DeQuattro
DeQuattro Enterprises Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am in the I.T. Dept at Guitar Center Inc and am responsible for delivering the cable infrastructure, network, point of sale, telephone and audio systems in all store of our company. We have been on a growth trajectory for several years, and I depend upon a number of vendors in these areas to deliver quality installations, timely and cost-efficient. I have commissioned Mike Stephenson & Hotline Communications to do cabling installations for the above systems for around (30) locations since November 2002 until the present time, making him one of my most valued partners in this area. During this 4-year span Mike has consistently delivered the high quality and timely installations I have required and has been able to deliver the job within my budget constraints as well. In addition, he has done many small MAC jobs for us, and also including a recabling for a major remodel of a store that spanned many weeks and required coordinating tasks and scheduling with the General Contractor. I always have a sense of confidence when Mike is on one of our installations. He has a high degree of integrity and is trusted with handling and inventory of our install products, requesting additional materials, keyholder priveleges for new locations in some instances, and his invoicing is clear, accurate, timely and most times within my budget expectations. I plan to use Hotline for future installations and would recommend this group to others. Sincerely,

Paul Nelson
Director of Field Operations Services
I.T. Dept at Guitar Center Inc.

September marked a historic month for the Central Florida Zoo as we completely switched over our antiquated phone system that ran through 30 year old wires to a I.P. phone network installed on fiber throughout the park.  Mike Stephenson and Hotline Communications were and continue to be phenomenal throughout the process.  We were using a very old system that had the Zoo had outgrown many years ago and was constantly “going down” with even a mild rain storm.

Hotline communications came along with a cost effective alternative to replace our phones with I.P. units that run over fiber in the park.  They also host our voice mail system off site which eliminated the old computers and switches.

Through this complex and major transition Mike Stephenson and all the crew from Hotline Communications acted professionally and quickly to make the switch extremely transparent.  We did not miss one phone call.  The system works tremendously and we now have new phones with increased capabilities that work flawlessly.  All of that for a lower cost than we were originally paying.  The small equipment cost will soon pay for itself with monthly savings.

We are very pleased with Mike Stephenson and Hotline communications and would recommend to anyone that you let Mike look at your current phone system and show you how you can have a better product, improved performance and save money all at the same time.


Joe Montisano
CEO – Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens