Phone Service – Traditional, VoIP, and Mobile

You have many options for phone service these days. Traditional or VoIP, T1 or POTS, and of course, the company which will provide whatever you choose.

We act as a service broker, much like an insurance or mortgage broker, or a travel agent, we use our expertise to find you exactly the services you need at the best possible rates.

We can even sometimes get you a better rate with the service you already use !

When it comes to Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone service, there are many and varied levels of service and service quality.

You need to consider reliability, voice quality, compatibility with your existing equipment, cost, how service problems are managed, and how to install or set up the services.

Most VoIP providers will ship you some boxes, and then you are on your own with the product manual and a technical support number that is fully automated.

We believe that phone service and installation should be managed by an experienced and competent technician, not delivered by FedEx.

With traditional phone service, you used to have to use whoever was your iLec, or Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. In central Florida, that was typically Bell South or Sprint (now AT&T and Century Link).

Also, moving your office might have meant that you had to change your phone number, and with some of the iLec’s, that is still the case.

We can provide choices. We will recommend what is best for you, and we will walk you through the process from placing the order correctly to installation and beyond. Even after installation, we will be happy to help with any service or billing issues that you may have with your provider.

We can also help you with VoIP. We currently work with two providers. One of them is based locally and is great for most of our clients.  We actually provide this as our own branded service but rest assured the service is actually from a much larger company, so you know your phone numbers and service are safe.

The other VoIP service we provide is from Ring Central, the world’s largest VoIP provider. Buying their service from us does not cost a single penny more than if you ordered directly from their website. The difference is that we can have people on site if you need it, and most of the time, you will. We will also ensure that what you order is correct for your purpose, and is the most cost efficient. One very important thing that we do for you also, is to test your internet service to make sure it will properly with your phone service.

We provide Phone Service in Orange City, Deland, Deltona, Sanford, Longwood, and surrounding areas.