Add Phone Jack

Adding and moving phone jacks Is often done by the client themselves… POORLY !

Using phone extension cords and duct tape, they string the wire around the room, over doorways, through windows etc.

It’s an ugly mess and there is no need for it.

A phone jack is ideally within 10 feet of the phone it is serving, with its cable hidden either inside the wall, or in some kind of conduit or raceway.

We usually share a faceplate with a data connection and have a power outlet close by so that there is one common path from the wall to your desk for all of the cables.

Up to six cables and jacks can fit in a standard modular faceplate.

The faceplates can have 1,2,3,4, or 6 ports. They can be a combination of Data Jacks, Phone Jacks, TV cable, plus many more options.

Mixing different kinds of ports on 1 faceplate means that you can run all of the services you need to your desk, with just one hole being made in the wall, rather than a different plate for each service.

On new installations, phone jacks are usually run using data cabling. This allows future flexibility so that any jack can be used for either Phone, Data, or VoIP.

At the other end of the cable, in the phone or data closet, the cables terminate onto patch panels. From there, we use a short cable known as a patch cable to connect to either your phone system, or data network, as required.

We are just as happy to provide one new  jack or move a jack, as we are to install a whole new network for you. No job is too small, it’s worth doing to avoid a mess of wiring, and our pricing is very reasonable.

We provide Phone Jack installation, Phone Jack relocation and Data Jack Repair services in Orange City, Deland, Deltona, Sanford, Longwood, and surrounding areas.